Manic Phase
The true story of young libertarians.

So I wrote a play about the truth and then I realised I don’t have a venue or any actors. I needed to get it published though before someone steals my idea and sues me for complaining afterwards.

The true story of young libertarians.

A play by manic phase

steve jobs: hey hipsters. don’t get a pc and be like the man. you’re a non-conformist aren’t you. check out this over priced weak computer in a shiny box.

hipsters: yeah. we’re non-conformists, let’s all buy that. It may cost double what it’s worth, but i DO feel superior.

[[5 years later]]

steve jobs: and one last thing. the new iphone features…

[[theater lights go off and a projecter starts playing on the main screen of a presentation on foxxconn, patent lawsuits, network lock ins, remote disabling, bricking phones, stealing ideas and anything else i could think of]]

[[lights return to normal]]

hipster: oh my god! he’s a cunt!

steve jobs: i’m not a cunt. not like you stupid cunts. I was ripping you off and you kept coming back for more. you made me. i’m a proper cunt.

hipster: i don’t wanna be a stupid cunt

steve jobs: you don’t have to. you can be like me. you can be obsessed with wealth. you don’t have to care about other people. you don’t have to have a conscience. [[puts hand on hipsters shoulder]] you don’t have to be a stupid cunt

hipster: but i’m vegan!

steve jobs: you can be a vegan AND a proper cunt. you don’t have to act like a cunt to be a cunt.

hipsters: yay. you can be a cunt and non-conformist. let’s all be proper cunts!

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